Download PDF by Rudy van der Elst, Dennis King: A Photographic Guide to Sea Fishes of Southern Africa

By Rudy van der Elst, Dennis King

ISBN-10: 1770073450

ISBN-13: 9781770073456

Книга представляет собой краткой информационный определитель обычных морских рыб региона. Для 268 видов рыб приводятся сведения по внешнему облику, наиболее заметным особенностям, питанию и местам размножения, дополненные полноцветными фотографиями и картами распространения.
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The Sporozoa and Cnidospora (a relatively minor group, formerly regarded as Sporozoans and omitted from this discussion) are entirely parasitic and at some stage in their life cvcle form Sporozoites. Howover, the O'ccurrence of parasitism in the Protozoa is not restricted to this group, the other main groups each having some parasitic members. The subphylum Sarcomastigophorea includes all flagellate and amoeboid forms and is generally regarded as the most primitive group. Within this group the superclass Mastigophora includes all organisms which possess flagellae as adult locomotory organs and divides into the Phytomastigophorea, which are plant-like with chromoplasts, and the Zoomastigophorea which are animal-like, lacking chromoplasts.

Clearly this motile stage is particularly valuable for dispersal in an animal in which the adult is sedentary. 37 leave through the osculum which is covered by a sieve plate. They thus spend their entire adult life imprisoned within the sponge feeding on plankton in its feeding current. Such sponges were used in Japan as a symbol of marital fidelity . Skeleton of Euplectella Classification The classification of sponges is based on the structure of the skeleton. Four classes are recognized of which one is limited to a very few species.

Oxygen is brought to the seminal fluid via the circulatory system of the earthworm, and carbon dioxide and excretory products are removed in the same way. Full grown trophozoites come together in pairs, and secrete a double-walled cyst. At this stage the trophozoites are known as gamonts, and the cyst as a game to cyst. Fusion does not occur and instead each gamont undergoes subdivision to form large numbers of nucleolated amoeboid gametes. The gamont nuclei each divide into two, four, and so on until as many as sixty-four small nuclei are produced.

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