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By B. Chandrasekaran; K. Annadurai; E.Somasundaram

ISBN-10: 812242743X

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The trends of coarse grains and kharif food grains are in the same line as of rice while rabi food grains followed the trend of wheat. Since the 16 A TEXTBOOK OF AGRONOMY contribution of rice in the total food grains production was the greatest, therefore, total food grains also followed the trend of rice production over the years. 5. 30 B. Food Problem India’s food problem dates back prior to independence. In the beginning, India’s food problem was one of scarcity, shortage of rice after the separation of Myanmar (Burma) from India in 1937 and shortage of wheat, also after the partition of the country in 1947.

16. A. Mitsherlich (1909) proposed a theory of “Law of diminishing returns” states that, ‘The increase in any crop produce by a unit increment of a deficient factor is proportional to the decrement of that factor from the maximum and the response is curvilinear instead of linear’. Mitscherlich equation is dy/dx = C (A-Y) where, d – increment or change dy – amount of increase in yield dx – amount of increment of the growth factor x. A – Maximum possible yield Y – Yield obtained for the given quantity of factor ‘x’ and C – Proportionality constant that depends on the nature of the growth factor.

This meat could be frozen and used throughout the winter. Modern Eskimos, Australian aborigines and primitive inhabitants of Glacial Europe use a type of spear-thrower, an early technological innovation. Early Europeans had to contend with lions, bears, bison, mammoths, woolly rhinoceros and wild ox. Wood for cave fires was collected from conifer forests. On the southern steppes there was less fuel, so bone served as fuel. Homo erectus remains in Sunderland (Java, Sumatra and Borneo), of between 600,000 and 900,000 years old, represent the earliest evidence of our prehuman ancestors in this region.

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