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55) The first term gives the power required due to parasite drag. The second term is the induced power required. 6. Due to proportionalities to V 3 and VϪ1, the curve is skewed from the thrust required curve. The minimum power does not occur at the velocity for Em, and the minimum power shows a strong altitude effect. To determine these respective locations, Eq. 55 will be differentiated with respect to the velocity. Setting the result equal to zero, one obtains for the velocity at minimum power VPmin ϭ Ί ͩ ͪ 2Wn k ␳S 3CD0 1/4 By comparison with Eq.

Eq. 5 shows that, for a given altitude, the lift depends only on the lift coefficient and the velocity. However, for a fixed weight and altitude, a flight attitude exists that gives a maximum value to the lift coefficient CL max (although the latter depends also on lift augmentation devices like flaps and slats), which, in turn, indicates a minimum flight velocity in order to satisfy the above equation. 9) L max Eq. 9 represents the minimum flight velocity at which steady sustained flight is possible. It depends on the altitude, maximum lift coefficient, and, to some extent, on power at high angle of attack that must be determined experimentally.

7. The power available was calculated by use of Eq. 5. 7 and the analytical equations, the following will be determined for a weight of 9,117 lb: a. Pmin at sea level b. V(L / D)max at sea level c. Vmax d. ceiling The answers follow in the same sequence. a. 7 showing Pmin ϭ 203 HP at about 146 ft/sec. It can be found also by use of Eq. 002377 ϫ 300 The velocity at minimum power follows from Eq. 024 1/4 ϭ 148 ft sec b. From Eq. 88 c. 6. d. The steady, level flight ceiling is given by the location where the Pr and the last Pa curves are tangent to each other.

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